Monday, 4 September 2017

Different Ways to Fix HP Wireless Printer

Everyone wants to go with the time, as we are the people of 21st century and always prefer to go with latest technology. Now no one prefers long wires that gives a lot of forces to put printer near the computer, indeed such type of printers never permit you to have print from other devices such as tablets and mobiles and this is the reason we should go to choose Wi-Fi printers.

On other hand, Hp wireless printers make our life easy and comfortable but at same time it gets more difficult and error prone because of latest and user friendly features. Wireless printers work effortlessly for few days and suddenly they might stop working suitably. In such cases, there are different ways through which you can resolve errors related to HP Wi-Fi printer. Here, we are now going to explain some important tips given below:-

Check your router-

We can face connectivity error of printer with router, we try to resolve the error but we forget to check out the proper connection properly. After this step, you should switch off your printer and system and restart your wireless router by unplugging it and then again plugging after few minutes. Then again, switch on printing machine and system and check if that resolves the error. If everything connects rightly, you should try to take a print out. If you face any error, you should contact online hp wireless printer support team for quick results.

Check Wireless Network carefully-

In such situation, you have made any change to your wireless router’s mode, SSID, password, and then your hp printer will not able to connect to wireless network anymore. To check out the network status, you have to print network configuration sheet of printer and if you see IP address on the sheet that means the printer device is not connected to network suitably. To solve this error, you have to add IP address manually. You should make sure that the system and printer both should be connected to same network. HP wireless printer support system is open round the clock to get immediate help for any issue.

Change IP address-

IP address of a printer is should so that it can interconnect with DHCP server repeatedly and in the case IP address got changes for any reason, then your printer will stop working. You must change IP address and can remove the printing device and add it again with a new IP address.

Freshly installed program-

If you have installed any type of software in your computer especially any antivirus program or a firewall they might block the connections from your system to the printing machine. You should try to disable the program and see if this solves the problem. In the emergency cases, you can call at HP wireless printer support number 1-877-910-4204 for immediate help.

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In the recent times, our dependency on HP computers has increased rapidly so much that even the smallest error in the computer can bring our lives to a complete stop. When we try to work anytime or we want to complete our assignments, all of us need computers to complete the work in the simple ways. To work on the computers regularly, we should take a lot of care of the computers. It means that providing a complete protection from all security threats keeping software and hardware of the computer in the best conditions.

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