Friday, 23 March 2018

How to speed up a sluggish HP computer by freeing up resources?

HP computers have a tendency to become slower with time and usage. As programs are installed and removed, some temporary files get remained in the computer which makes the system very slow. This is not simple to stop that usual wear and tear to the system but users can assume some measures to speed up very slow computers. Read and follow few important instructions learn how to speed up a slow HP computer just by freeing up resources.  In addition, you can consult certified computer technician to get right technical advice over this issue. And you can also call at toll free hp support number 1-877-438-9239 for immediate help.

Stop all unnecessary background processes-

By right-clicking your Taskbar, you can see what processes or programs are running in the background. Closing or exiting these programs will free up resources and make more memory free for your computer. Navigate to your task manager and find what unnecessary processes are running in the background. Close as many unwanted processes as you can. You can use a utility called Process Explorer that allows you to see all the programs running on your system. You can use this utility to close the unnecessary programs in the computer. 

Switch off unnecessary Desktop Features- 

There are certain features like fancy rounded window corners, animated menus and 3D button that make desktop more appealing but at the same time, these features consume some computer memory. Go to the Control Panel and then locate Advanced System Settings. In the Advanced tab click on Settings under Performance. Now you can choose between Custom and Adjust for best performance.

Do a cold reboot-

Most programs let go off their used memory once the program is closed but some programs don’t and cause memory leak. Shutting down your computer system and then restarting it will provide all memory locations free to use. 

Empty the Recycle Bin-

Recycle Bin holds the deleted data which you can review later. Emptying Recycle Bin will cause speeding of the computer.

Uninstall all the applications that you don’t use-

When you install programs and games on the system, they make changes to Window Registry file. Hence it is necessary that when you uninstall these programs, use the Add/Remove Programs function in the Control Panel.  If you are unable to uninstall all programs and applications, you must call at toll free hp support number 1-877-438-9239 to get quick help from certified computer experts.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Online Technical Support for HP Users at Affordable Costs

Today, HP is one of the most reliable and successful companies in the market for wide range and top quality of printers.  You can get top quality print outs of the prints from PC, laptop, smartphone and more.  You can do best class printing at affordable rate and point with HP’s affordable price ink cartridges which offer you great value for the money. As these HP printers have compact design, you can place these printers on your table at your office or home and quickly print your necessary documents while saving time and money. If you have any intricate error regarding your printing device, you can call instantly at toll free HP tech support number 1-877-438-9239 for free expert advice.

In the era of advance printing technology, HP printers offer golden chances to enjoy printing experience along with latest features. These printing devices offer full technical support for the times when you end up messing with your printing machine. Live technical support is easily accessible for home and business users for any kind of printing task. This provides a lot of comfortable and relaxation to the users who are not much versed with technical terms and conditions. For user’s suitability, Official HP Help, Smart app, and online technical HP Support are the best ways to communicate clearly. 

While all these modes of technical support can be effective but they can be time taking as well. For instance, there may be little times when you need HP Tech support urgently to get your work completed. During this period, waiting for a technician to come to your home or taking your printing machine to the nearest service center can be worrying. For these times, HP tech support number 1-877-438-9239 may be very useful for online users.

All of you have to do is, to call certified printer technicians and tell your issues to them clearly. There are few reliable tech support service providers that offer online technical support services for online users living in any location of the world.  These service providers have the world class technical support executives, who not only listen to your errors patiently but provide the best technical solutions to the complex problems where you are technically fit or do not know nothing about technical features of HP printer. In the urgent cases, if you are unable to print any document, it means that your printing machine stops printing, so you need to call at toll free HP tech support number 1-877-438-9239 to get free expert help from certified printer experts.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Smart Technical Steps to Fix HP computer Startup errors

HP computer system is not responding well. Indeed, it could not start and progress to load windows start up items. Technical problems related to system startup are very common but situations may vary. This may not begin at all or trapped on the manufacturer logo screen.  Here, we are going to share few common errors with assured solutions given below:-

Blank Screen:-

If you are not lucky to get power button blinking, you try to check the computer system with any other power outlet or cable that is working perfectly. However, if power button has color or this is blinking, possibly a piece of hardware is blocking with the normal boot process of windows. You should try to begin the system after eliminating the external devices such as Small media cradles, scanners, Media card readers, printers, USB storage devices, DVDs and CDs, digital cameras and many others. If you get any difficulty, you must call at hp computer support number 1-877-438-9239 for expert help instantly.

Manufacturer Logo-Screen-

After restarting the system, go through the manufacturer's log but not able to get windows log on screen. Authenticate the computer system finishes initial power on self-test that makes sure compulsory system prerequisites are matched and hardware parts are working perfectly before beginning the rest of booting procedure. Single or double beeps normally means that the computer system has passed successfully the POST test and will boot usually.  On other hand, if HP computer fails the POST, the system will not beep or will give a beep code that tells the user the source of the technical error. You should check for specific error messages and try to troubleshoot accordingly.

Slow Computer Startup-

Suppose that what happens when a road get crowded with so many vehicles. Clearly, the traffic comes to a stop or it begins creeping. Same situations happens with the computer system, if too numerous programs are blocking at the time of startup, they have to fight equally for resources and finally, it slows down the computer system. Therefore the best option is to lessen the clutter, clip down uninvited programs and applications from the start up through MSConfig utility. If you don’t know how to delete unwanted items or applications, you should call certified computer technicians through toll free hp computer support number 1-877-438-9239 to get right and proper technical guidance for increasing the speed of the computer system or improving the performance of the machine.

Monday, 26 February 2018

How to solve common errors of HP printer?

Nowadays, HP printers are in high demand among printer users due to latest and amazing features. They demand proper care and maintenance in order to maintain their best performance. If you are not taking proper care of your printing machine, your device must face tricky technical errors.

There is no better way to diagnose the following technical problems than HP printer technical support number or team, especially when are not confident sufficient to open up your printing device and fix it yourself.

Connection errors:-

Your printing device goes offline when your device loses its wireless connection. There may be many reasons behind this error of not caring and maintaining the wireless connection professionally.

Your Network & Internet connection are permanently or temporarily disconnected.
Check if there is an error of low signal quality.
Check the printing device is not connected to the wrong network.
The speed is very slow.

This is very common error that many users have to come across while printing the everyday results. Sometimes, the real culprit behind this technical error is the top quality detailed print outputs’ that force back the printer’s ordinary performance. This occurs when you command your device to produce detailed prints that normally consume longer time to produce top quality outputs.

Adding RAM to your HP printer:-

A high end series of HP is easily available with shared design concepts such as RAM, a networking interface, a CPU and other parts. There is full facility of improving the printer’s performance just by installing an additional RAM. If you get difficulty, you should call hp printer technical support team to install RAM appropriately and enjoy an improvement in its performance.

Paper Jamming Errors-

Paper jamming errors occur due to wrong paper type or rollers worn down. If you found any difficulty, you can call online technical support team instantly.

50.4 Error Message-

This technical problem comes on latest HP laserjet printers with an issue in the power supply. It normally occurs when the printing device is connected to a UPS which can be damaged by power surges.

79 Error Message-

This occurs when there is an error with network print server. This technical issue shows a failure of add on parts such as A RAM module or MIO card. You should call online hp printer technical support team instantly, if you are lacking professional and technical machine knowledge to troubleshoot a 79 error message.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Important Tips & Tricks for Sharing HP Printer on the Network

HP printer works as a new technological device to get the copies of different assignments at workstations from various computer systems. Keeping various printer devices from various departments may be very costly and troubling procedure from maintenance and repair point of view. Using a high capacity multi-functional printer via network offers wide access and save other expenses spent on such type of devices.  But before hp printers shared on the network, there are some technical tips that must be considered to ensure the maximum results with security.

Install shared hp printers on windows rapidly-

Normally, users follow print wizard button to add printer on the network that takes efforts and time. But there is another way to add hp printer on the network, which is browsing shared printers via Network and connect the same that will be installed to be shared on the network. To perform this procedure, printer support technicians work remotely assisting users to install and share a printer on the network through an easy procedure. If you have any technical problem regarding this step, you should call at toll free HP printer tech support phone number 1-877-438-9239 to get online expert assistance instantly.

Add Windows based Local HP Printer on Network-

If you are facing a lot of technical problems while adding a hp printer on the network, you can go for connecting through local printer in the windows based systems. To do this an IP address is needed that is completely assigned to the printer and customer can find out that from the printer network setting. If your printing machine is wireless, this will be visible at wireless status page. HP printer users can get live technical support to find the settings and other necessary configuration for connecting with other devices.

Location centered printing on the windows-

This important tip not only saves many efforts but also it saves time to connect a computer system from a hp printer located at various places. Location aware printing procedure is really a good option that permits automatically attaching with hp printer on other network when computer user changes the location. HP printer users can get online printer tech support to configure this setting that permits a computer user to take his computer system at office or home and get attached with printer automatically available on the network. But this facility is not valid in the series of windows OS. If you have any technical problems regarding this step, you can call at toll free HP printer tech support phone number 1-877-438-9239 to get the best technical advice from online printer experts.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Useful Tricks to Fix Slow Internet Connection on HP laptop

Slow running of HP laptop is not certainly due to hardware or other problems. And if your HP laptop is becoming very slow after connecting with Internet, you should troubleshoot the error with excellent possible solutions to speed up your computer and complete your work timely. Here, we are going to explain troubleshooting steps to fix slow Internet connection issues.

Scan your Laptop for virus detection-

The most important reason behind the slow speed of your device is virus that infects such type of devices and control different functioning. So, you should can your laptop fully and delete such type of infected files.  Most of virus comes throughout the Internet web browsers and majorly slow down the performance or speed of your computer. If you feel any difficulty, you should call directly at toll free hp tech support number 1-877-438-9239 for immediate help.
Remove Adware and spyware-

If your HP laptop is running very slow after connecting to Internet or you see few other changes in your laptop home screen or to other pages or you see an uninvited pop-up or infrequent messages displaying on the screen, actually it means there are many possibilities of adware or spyware activities that can steal your necessary and important data and personal information from your device.

Block Pop-ups displaying in your web browser-

Pop-ups displaying on a web browser are tinny windows that display on the top or bottom of a website you stayed. These pop ups are normally created by promoters to draw the visitors for purchasing a promoted product, services or boost the online traffic on a particular website. Such type of Pop-ups slow down the speed of Internet but each web browser has this facility to block such type of Pop-ups and increase the Internet speed for quick browsing.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Simple technical ways to connect a Windows Desktop to a Windows Laptop

There may come some occasions when you want to share data between two computer systems. Well, there are many ways for this task such as hard drives and pen drives but they take time. Essentially, you can connect two computers and share data simply and faster between them. However, you should remember few factors in the mind that there are various ways involved in connecting two computers with various operating systems. Here, we are going to share some important steps to connect a windows desktop to a windows laptop.

Deactivate the wireless adapters on the computers-

In the case, the computer systems have wireless network adapter, so switch off before connecting the computers to ignore network conflicts. For this task, click on “Start menu” and type ncpa.cpl and give enter command. Now, you need to make right click on your wireless network and select disable. If you get any difficulty, you should call at toll free hp technical support number 1-877-438-9239 for instant help.

Connect two computers with help of a cable-

You need to use an Ethernet cable to connect the windows desktop to the laptop as it will identify automatically that you are connecting two computers.

Open network and sharing center in the origin computer system-

Before sharing between two computers, you need to set up sharing on your latest and advanced computer. Now make right click on the network connection icon situated in the system tray. Hence, you need to select network and sharing center.

Set local area connection-

Now locate “Local area connection” button next to “unknown network”.   Just by clicking this will launch the details of the new connection between two computers. Click on properties button and select “Internet Protocol Version 4”. Now, click on properties again.

Enter IP address-

Click on “Use following IP address” button and enter the IP address. Now, set the subnet mask information.

Open network & sharing center in the subsequent computer-

You need to go to the second computer system and open network and sharing center. Click on “Local area connection” to see the information of the new connection between two computers. You need to click on the properties and choose IPv4. Click on Properties again.

Set IP address-

You need to enter IP address in the second computer. Always remember that IP address of the second computer must be different from the first computer.

Set the subnet work- 

Press tab to select automatically the subnet mask and press “OK” Button. It will set a private network between two computers. If you have any technical error, you should call at toll free hp technical support phone number 1-877-438-9239 for online technical help.

Other Resources : Technical Support is available to Solve HP Printer Problems

Hp printers is one of the world recognized brands in the printer profession, so it has got a large number of online users because of its popularity due to its trusted printers and mainly because of its technical support services, that is only a single way a technical error can be solved completely and perfectly. There are so many critical situations when a technical issue can create and if avoided can cause serious issues to the printer.

You will be able to get the technical help provided by Hp printer support number 1-877-910-4204, if you are using a printer that manufactured by this well-known brand. Technical problems are not rare when it comes to use printers daily. There could be a number of technical errors of occasionally malfunctioning , once they are resolved. But mostly, the errors are very complex and need professional help. Online technical support is the best option that can help you simply.

How to speed up a sluggish HP computer by freeing up resources?

HP computers have a tendency to become slower with time and usage. As programs are installed and removed, some temporary files get remaine...