Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Simple technical ways to connect a Windows Desktop to a Windows Laptop

There may come some occasions when you want to share data between two computer systems. Well, there are many ways for this task such as hard drives and pen drives but they take time. Essentially, you can connect two computers and share data simply and faster between them. However, you should remember few factors in the mind that there are various ways involved in connecting two computers with various operating systems. Here, we are going to share some important steps to connect a windows desktop to a windows laptop.

Deactivate the wireless adapters on the computers-

In the case, the computer systems have wireless network adapter, so switch off before connecting the computers to ignore network conflicts. For this task, click on “Start menu” and type ncpa.cpl and give enter command. Now, you need to make right click on your wireless network and select disable. If you get any difficulty, you should call at toll free hp technical support number 1-877-438-9239 for instant help.

Connect two computers with help of a cable-

You need to use an Ethernet cable to connect the windows desktop to the laptop as it will identify automatically that you are connecting two computers.

Open network and sharing center in the origin computer system-

Before sharing between two computers, you need to set up sharing on your latest and advanced computer. Now make right click on the network connection icon situated in the system tray. Hence, you need to select network and sharing center.

Set local area connection-

Now locate “Local area connection” button next to “unknown network”.   Just by clicking this will launch the details of the new connection between two computers. Click on properties button and select “Internet Protocol Version 4”. Now, click on properties again.

Enter IP address-

Click on “Use following IP address” button and enter the IP address. Now, set the subnet mask information.

Open network & sharing center in the subsequent computer-

You need to go to the second computer system and open network and sharing center. Click on “Local area connection” to see the information of the new connection between two computers. You need to click on the properties and choose IPv4. Click on Properties again.

Set IP address-

You need to enter IP address in the second computer. Always remember that IP address of the second computer must be different from the first computer.

Set the subnet work- 

Press tab to select automatically the subnet mask and press “OK” Button. It will set a private network between two computers. If you have any technical error, you should call at toll free hp technical support phone number 1-877-438-9239 for online technical help.

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Hp printers is one of the world recognized brands in the printer profession, so it has got a large number of online users because of its popularity due to its trusted printers and mainly because of its technical support services, that is only a single way a technical error can be solved completely and perfectly. There are so many critical situations when a technical issue can create and if avoided can cause serious issues to the printer.

You will be able to get the technical help provided by Hp printer support number 1-877-910-4204, if you are using a printer that manufactured by this well-known brand. Technical problems are not rare when it comes to use printers daily. There could be a number of technical errors of occasionally malfunctioning , once they are resolved. But mostly, the errors are very complex and need professional help. Online technical support is the best option that can help you simply.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How to set up a hp printer on Google cloud print?

Here, see and follow important instructions how can you set up a hp printer on Google web browser and Google Cloud Print? If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you must connect with certified technicians just by dialing toll free number 1-877-438-9239 for complete technical support or online help round the clock.

Connecting Network connected Printer & Google Cloud Ready Printer-

If you wish to use your Google chrome browser to print various kinds of documents, various computer systems and your hp printer should be connected properly with local network. With quick help of some important steps given below, you can set up Google Cloud Print and enjoy an exciting printing experience from different locations.

Step 1:- You need to open Google chrome on your computer system connected properly with a network that is connected properly with your device.  You can get the access to login into your Google Chrome account with the help of Gmail account details. If you have any technical query, you can call online hp printer customer support team for quick help.

Step 2:- You should open menu button and go to setting section located on the right side of your chrome browser. This setting will help you to add new hp printer into your chrome web browser.

Step 3:- After selecting setting option, you need to open advance setting option from the bottom of Google chrome web browser. This option will be useful for you to add your hp printer into your browser.

Step 4:- You need to sign into your Google print button and click on add printer option to connect your Google account to Google print service. If you have any technical issue, you should call hp printer customer support team for immediate help.

Step 5:- Next step is that you need to click on add printer’s option to add printers connected properly to Google cloud print for account. After this process, you must select to manage your device that will take you at Google print.

Step 6:- Next technical step, you have to find out and manage your device from menu given on the left side. You can get a list of all printers attached that appears when you give print through Google chrome.

Step 7:- To add cloud printer, you need to click on “Add a cloud ready printer” shows on the left hand side. Just by click on this option will assist you to take on the page of Google print page.

Step 8:- Finally, you should select HP from the left hand side. Choose Manufacturers name and follow some important steps to set up Google Cloud print. If you have any issue, you should call hp printer customer support team through toll free number 1-877-438-9239 for instant help.

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If your hp printer is encountering by wireless connection issues, in spite of connecting to a wireless network successfully. If you are experiencing this technical issue again and again, you should conduct troubleshooting procedure to fix various types of connection problems and enjoy uninterrupted wireless printing via various devices. Here, few important tips are explained here to troubleshoot such types of issues completely:- 

Ensure the right connection with wireless network-

If your device is not connected to wireless network properly, it may not be possible to run your printing machine wirelessly. You should restart your device and check the settings carefully to make sure that there is no issue while wrapping on this device. You can check out just by giving a print a network set up page that will confirm your device is well connected with wireless network. If locate your printer’s IP address and network name to set up the proper connection. If you feel any kind of technical difficulty, you must hire repair hp printer services at reasonable charges. http://www.apsense.com/archive/how-to-fix-wireless-connection-problems-of-hp-printer.html

Thursday, 21 December 2017

How to troubleshoot HP Computer common errors?

Looking for a certified technician every time for resolving your computer error is not a sensible decision, instead you should try yourself and ignore taking online help of tech support. Essentially, there are some errors in a computer which are very common among all the customers. But common HP computer common errors can cause a big error, if occurs again and again impeding your task. Here, we are going to share some computer errors with right technical solutions that you can try yourself.

Slow performance or slow speed of HP computer:-

This is very common and most challenging error that can affect the total output of user. The first and important step is to check this error is to find out the actual source of issue like whether video is running slow or a web page is taking more time to load and a particular program is not responding properly. Many times, users hope that their system is running very sluggish but often due to slow internet connection web related services also respond at very slow speed.

On other hand if the issue is in your computer, improve RAM and free up little space from hard drive and reestablish the speed. If the issue is due to slow internet speed, hence you need to contact your service provider and find the right reason of slow running of Internet speed. If you have any technical error, you should call at toll free HP technical support number 1-877-438-9239 for instant help.

Your System is restarting itself-

Detecting hardware related problems is very problematic for a common man. Restarting of a system normally occurs when windows updated on it or latest updates for other programs arrive for your computer. To apply innovative changes, computer reboots but each time it displays a message and asks you “Restart now” button or “restart later”. On other hand, restarting error also occurs due to virus attack, overheating and adware, so you should take expert help just by dialing HP technical support number 1-877-438-9239.

Incapable to connect or print from printer-

Printing any type of document from any printer need an uninterrupted running system. But if there is any technical error it is impossible to take out prints, especially if you are using a wireless printer. To resolve printer issue update your driver and reinstall printer software again after eliminating it from your computer. If you face still this issue, you can call at HP technical support number 1-877-438-9239 for quick help.

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These days, HP printers are the best class devices that are well known for top quality printing results.  They have some unique and advance features, so they are mostly preferred by almost all users. In sudden cases, almost all users are facing an error as HP printer paper keeps jamming and this is really a big technical issue. For HP printer user’s easiness and convenience, they can get online HP printer technical support immediately from technical support experts. When a paper jamming error arises, this is due to dust and not maintaining HP printer device.  Here, some important tips are explained below-  http://www.apsense.com/article/why-your-hp-printer-keeps-jamming.html

Monday, 18 December 2017

How to Install a Game on HP computer?

The world of games is a mesmerizing place where numerous young boys and even adults find comfort. But before we enter in the magical world of games, we have to install games on HP computers. It is where it gets very complex as installing a game on a computer needs some technical knowledge. On other hand, you can learn a lot how to install a game on your windows HP computer by improving following steps. If you face any technical error, you must call at hp support contact number 1-877-438-9239 for quick help.

Inset the game in the optical drive of the system:-

In order to install a game in your Windows PC, you have to insert the CD/DVD of the game in the optical drive of your computer. Wait for the drive to spin and read your disc. Your PC will automatically detect the disc and a window will open on the screen.  

Find the program by hand-

In case no new window appears within 30 seconds of entering the disc, then open the My Computer folder and locate the icon with name of your game. Clicking on this icon will open the Setup window of the game. Run the Setup. If you are unable to do this step, you should contact at HP support contact number 1-877-438-9239 for immediate results.

Read Me First document- 

Generally, the games carry a Read Me First document. Read this document, as it may contain some important information regarding the installation or usage of the program.

Click on “Install” Button:-

After you have placed your game and have read all the read me files, proceed by making double clicking or pressing Enter on the installer software program. There will be few on screen prompts and follow them.

Read the good print-

In the case, you love copyrights or legal documents and read them to learn various technical aspects or legal proceedings related to game. If you do not love reading these documents, you can skip ahead to installation part.

Wait for few seconds as the game installs on your HP computer-

Depending upon on technical terms of your game and computer, the installation of the software may take few seconds to numerous seconds. You have to wait as the program completes getting installed on your PC.

Launch game successfully-

Once the installation of the game is completed and click on “Launch option” to launch the program. If you have stuck in any step, you must call at hp support contact number 1-877-438-9239 for quick responses.

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If you are a new user of A hp printer and don’t have knowledge about printing, sometimes you can face various kinds of printer problems like slow speed of printing. Printing speeds are very low than expected, so more or less hp printer users will get delayed prints. How to fix slow printing issues of a hp printer? If you get any kind of technical difficulty, you should call at toll free hp printer tech support phone number 1-877-910-4204 for quick technical help. Here, some important tips are explained clearly below:-  http://www.apsense.com/archive/how-to-fix-slow-speed-problems-of-hp-printer.html

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to fix HP printer wireless connection errors?

HP printer is displaying wireless connection error in the place of connecting to wireless network successfully. You should choose a right troubleshooting procedure to fix connection errors and enjoy uninterrupted wireless printing via different types of devices. Here, we are going to explain a right troubleshooting process to fix HP printer wireless connection issues, so you can apply one by one step but make sure that these troubleshooting instructions are the right options for windows users only.

Make sure connection with Wireless Network-

If your HP printer is not connected to your wireless network, this is impossible to run your printer wirelessly. You have to restart your printing machine and check out the settings to make sure there is no issue while enfolding on this device. You can check carefully that just by giving print a network configuration page which will confirm printer is well connected with wireless network. If not place your printer’s IP address and Network name to set up the connection. If you have any issue, you must call at HP printer support phone number 1-877-910-4204 for immediate help.

Update your HP printer application-

Your printing machine can be controlled only through e-print app which must be updated day to day to ignore such type of issues. If you want to update printer app, you need to connect with internet.  If your wireless network is not working properly, you should take help from technicians while updating your e-print apps. This is very important note for every user that instructions updating the app may be different due to various printer models. For any query, call at HP printer support phone number 1-877-910-4204 for quick responses.

Installing Firmware update for HP printer-

Wireless connection problems occur due to outdated firmware and HP keeps day to day updating the firmware for end users. On the other hand, while updating firmware, you can plan to take a printer from your device. Still if you are facing connection error, you call online technical support team immediately.

HP print & Scan Doctor for Troubleshooting Procedure-

This is free tool for users to resolve diverse kinds of technical difficulties. If you do not have this tool, you need to download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor to run your printer connected computer and resolve errors automatically.

Updating firmware of wireless router-

For wireless network, you should use WI-Fi Router and just like your HP printer firmware, you should update wireless router’s firmware. If you have any error, you must call at HP Printer Support Phone Number to get instant help.

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In the age of computer technology, everything is connected properly with the computer providing quick resulting services to various groups of computer users across the globe. Hp computers are assembled with the right mix of software and hardware combination that must be handled with higher skills and knowledge.

However, technical errors are also common problems among users that prevent them to perform any computing work. But online computer repair services are provided by certified technicians to help hp users as per their requirements and availability. If you are facing any error related to hp computer, you should follow some important steps given below:- http://www.apsense.com/archive/best-tech-support-services-for-hp-computer-errors.html

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How to set up HP Print cartridges to HP Printers?

Installing HP cartridges to HP printer is fairly easy, if all the technical steps of setting up are being monitored, though a minor error in setting up cartridges can collapse your printing. This technical step improves your printing experience in the place of calling online technical support team and does it your own.

Mainly, you make sure that you bring right printer cartridges for your device, when you are going to purchase a cartridge, don’t disremember to bring printer model number. Right printer number is printed directly above the printer cartridges box. You need to visit HP support for more details. Normally, cartridges are made for one type of series of printers. Suppose that if you have a HP jet 710, you can seek for HP jet 700 series cartridges. If you have any kind of trouble regarding with your device, you should call at HP printer support phone number 1-877-910-4204 for quick answers.

Eliminate old HP ink cartridges to recycle them, and eliminate blue film from the nozzle of HP printer cartridges, turn cartridges so that HP logo fronting you. The grey part of cartridges confronts and a nozzle goes down.  It depends upon the printer model cartridges that have few black dots on the upper. Install every cartridge in each color row. You need to push them determinedly, but do not push it too hard. If you are unable to set up HP print cartridges on Hp printer, you can dial at toll free HP printer support phone number 1-877-910-4204 to connect with printer experts to get instant technical solutions.

You should see the information of HP printer, if your cartridge is used before, choose used or if it is used first time, choose new. Check out carefully; if paper is loaded in the paper tray, you must to open HP print manager and choose setting and maintenance options and choose align print cartridges.

Take out freshly printed papers from paper tray, you will see two dot lines parallel in black and red. Observe the alignment of the lines, click the numbers and letters for the finest alignment, a dialogue box will display to your monitor, click on continue, a new page will be printed, now check whether these alignments are rightly printed on the paper.  If you found abnormality over alignments, you need to repeat it three or four times to continue. And you can also connect with expert printer technicians just by dialing HP Printer Support Phone Number 1-877-910-4204 to get quick technical solutions, if you have any panic technical issue.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Find technical steps to install dell printer without disk

Installing of a dell printer is very simple and quick task, firstly you must put in the software disc and run the complete set up process and your computer’s operating system will diagnose the compatible driver from complete and successful. If you don’t have disc of printer, how will you install a dell printer without disc? If you face few technical problems, you should call at dell printer technical support phone number 1-800-510-7358 for quick help. Here, few important tips are explained below for complete and successful installation of dell printer without disc.

Auto Installation of a printing device-

If your printer is fully connected with your computer, it actually means that it is working properly. It may be recognized the device simply, if your computer is mainly connected with Internet. There may be one probability that driver of the printer can be downloaded deprived of dell software. If this printing machine is not working, you must go under advance printer set up under settings to add a printing machine successfully. Online users need to run the installation wizard and should follow some important steps on the screen and it can download with all needed settings.

Identify Printer Model:-

Classifying a printer model is very necessary for every user. Model number can be recognized on the front of a printing device. If model number is not visible suitably, we can apply the real timing procedure to search the model name of the printer just by checking a system that used earlier the printer for a fast and active installation. If you are confused to identify this model number, you should call at toll free dell printer technical support phone number for instant help.

Decide Printer Software-

Despite of all possible efforts, if your printing device is not installed fully into computer, you can find out the printer software on the dell website where such types of software are available for various models. Just by tying the name of model name, you can find out the right model name. 

Software installation process-

If you have the suitable software for printer, you should download the complete set up in the system main driver where all necessary files and data are installed fully. You need to perform the set up to run the installation procedure and must follow few important steps and when the procedure is done and you need to restart your system and you can get the best quality print outs from the dell printer simply. If you have any difficulty, you must call at dell printer technical support phone number 1-800-510-7358  for quick responses.

Simple technical ways to connect a Windows Desktop to a Windows Laptop

There may come some occasions when you want to share data between two computer systems. Well, there are many ways for this task such as ha...