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How to bring an offline HP Printer online?

Most of the time, you can bring back your printer with a few clicks in windows, but if not, there are few important steps given below-

Step 1; - Reboot your hp printer just by closing it off and turn-off it back on again. You need to give unit 1 or 2 minutes to finish booting.

Step 2; - You should verify that your device is plugged into the system or this has network connectivity. If the device is a networked unit, you have to make double check link light on the back of the device to make sure this is flashing green. If any technical help is required, call at hp printer support phone number 1-877-910-4204 instantly.

Step 3:- you have to log on to your system just by using an account that has “Manage Printers” rights to the device. In the most cases, a local administrator account is enough.

Step 4; - You have to click “Start Button” and click on Printers & Devices.”

Step 5:- You need to make right click the printer and choose “Distinguish What’s Printing” to show the printer spooler window.

Step 6:- You have to click on printer button and choose “use Printer Offline” to eliminate the check mark. Then the printer device must come online at this time. If your printer is not coming online, you should connect with online certified technicians or call at toll free hp printer support phone number instantly.

Step 7:- You have to close print spooler window and return to printers and devices.

Step 8; - You should open a web browser and download the latest version for your printer from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 9:- You should follow instructions that are easily available with the driver to install it.  If your printer is not coming online, you should follow these steps continuously.

Step 10:- You have to click on “Start Button & click on “Control Panel”.

Step 11:- Type “Troubleshooter Button” in the search box at upper right corner of the window. You have to click on Troubleshooting link when it seems in the main window.

Step12:- You have to click “Use a printer” under sound and hardware.

Step 13:- You should follow on screen instructions carefully. Experienced troubleshooters will apply possible efforts to identify and fix the technical problem. If you are not able to apply this step, you should connect with experienced technicians or should call at hp Printer Support Phone Number to get instant solutions.


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